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I am so proud of all of the kids, coaches and parents who are a part of this Club.  We have been working to make this Club as safe and fun of a place for the players as we possibly can, and thanks to the hard work of everyone involved in the Club, we are making it a reality!


I want to thank everyone for helping out this year, and look forward to seeing what the rest of the year holds for the Club and it’s members!

Andrew Arthy

Our club includes teams for all ages, including Under 6s to Under 18s for boys, Under 14s for girls, and even a Masters for those 30 years and over. We want people of all ages and Genders to be able to enjoy our Club. Information on each team is available below!


If you wish to register or try the club out, you can either sign up through the Rugby Xplorer app, or you can request to try for free here.



Our club store offers a wide range of merchandise, for those participating or wanting to support the Club!


From shorts and singlets, to t-shirts to polos, we even have club caps and bucket hats. There's something for everyone!


Click ‘Shop Now’ to view our online store. Show your support for the North Coast Sharks!




A big thanks to the sponsors of the North Coast Rugby Union Football Club. Without them, we would not be where we are today!


The North Coast Rugby Union Football Club has been a part of the community for several years, helping kids of all ages to engage with one another, and come together in the spirit of mateship and fair play.


Sign your kids up to the club today, and help them to become a part of a welcoming community of players!